Hair Removal Treatment in a Flash

The light beam is focused on the hair follicles beneath the skin's surface, to disable the hair follicle quickly and safely preventing further growth leaving the skin smooth and hair free - in other words effective permanent hair reduction.

- Effective, permanent hair reduction

- Virtually painless and safe

- Proven clinical results

- Beautology uses only properly trained and certified personnel to carry out the procedure

Suitability for laser hair removal

Suitability to Laser Hair Removal Treatment depends on different issues such as the taking of certain drugs, pregnancy, hair colour and skin type (very light hair is more difficult to remove).

Laser hair removal is medically proven to give you permanent hair reduction for both men and women on any area of the face or body.

The light beam is absorbed by the hairs pigment which then disables the hair follicle preventing any further growth.

Due to your hair being in different growth cycles, and only hair in the ACTIVE growth cycle can be disabled, more than one treatment is required (a minimum of six), generally over a period of at least 12 months, which varies depending on a client's hair and skin type.

It is vital for effective results that you choose a clinic that has a gold standard 'laser' machine as non-laser technology is inferior giving poorer results.

Not only is permanent laser hair removal simple, easy and relatively painless, but Beautology has a repayment programme available.

If you would like to discuss treatments for Laser Hair Removal in Bristol, book in now for a FREE Laser Hair Removal Consultation to discuss your Laser Hair Removal goals.

Beautology for your Laser Hair Removal Solutions

Beautology has over 15 years experience with Laser Hair Removal in Bristol and our fully trained professionals have performed over 100,000 treatments to date, making us one of the most trusted providers of Laser Hair Removal Solutions in Bristol. Our highly qualified and experienced staff are both discreet and professional and are happy to answer any Laser Hair Removal questions you may have.

The most common areas for Laser Hair Removal including treatments for both men and women are:

- Face, including Top Lip, Chin, Jawline and Neck

- Legs and Bikini Line

- Underarms and Arms

- Back and Shoulders

- Chest, Nipples and Abdomen


What others have said about Laser Hair Removal

"First time I have had Laser treatment done. I have seen amazing results. Staff are experienced and very professional and advised me on the best treatment package. I highly recommend Beautology to anyone considering any beauty treatments!" 

Nabilah Tanzeem from Bristol

"The staff at Beautology are always excellent and make you feel very special and well cared for. I'm half way through a hair removal process but it looks like it will be a complete success!"

Nata Spooner from Bristol

"I had two main areas I wanted to improve when I first came to Beautology - the first was to have laser hair removal as I had very dark hair on my legs which I felt very conscious of.  I had to think twice about wearing skirts or shorts! The hair removal treatment feels strange at first but the more you have the more you get used to it and it is worth it for the results you get.   It does take several Laser Hair Removal sessions to be hair free but the results start to show after the first session.  I now only go to get rid of a few stubborn hairs!

The other treatment I have just started is derma roller to improve the condition of the skin on my face.  Again this is a strange sensation and a bit painful (although you can have anaesthetic) but it has improved my skin already. My aesthetician is fantastic and we have a good chat, in fact, everyone is really friendly.  I just wish it was closer to home. 

I would recommend Beautology and they also reward you sometimes with vouchers and offers to use on other treatments especially one\'s that pamper you.  I especially like having facials and nail treatments (April if you're reading this).  The company itself is very innovative and listens to and acts on customer feedback which is always a good thing - find out about the mytime ranges, it's a great way to save money."

Linzi Mitchell from Bristol

"I have PCOS and began to get excessive hair especially on my face and neck. I heard about Beautology from a friend and came for a consultation with a therapist who was extremely helpful. I went ahead with a course of treatments and the results were excellent. I highly recommend Beautology." 

Alice Stainsworth from Bristol

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